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Down Payment USD12830.00 From Customer In Poland

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At the Canton Fair in September, we met a Polish guest Mike, who was very interested in our folding rainwater bucket. We took him to visit our factory. He was very interested in 100liter, 160liter, 200liter, 380liter, 500liter, 750liter and 1000liter . He consulted the quotation with the minimum order quantity of 6000 pieces, and determined that the material of rainwater bucket was PVC material with fog surface, and Different from other customers, he asked for two rainwater gather systems, all of which are 1 inch in diameter

Because we supply a large number of OBI supermarkets in Germany and Aldi supermarkets in the UK, and we also have customers in Poland. We know the market in Poland very well. From April to October every year is their sales season, and 500liter and 1000liter are the most popular in Poland. We tell these information to our customers. He thinks we are very professional.

After 3 months of communication, we also provided samples to him. Now, he finally confirmed the order and paid down payment. Because the parts of the rain bucket he needed are different from those of other customers, we need to start the purchase as soon as possible, and the latest delivery can be made after the Spring Festival in China.

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