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Portable Jerry Cans 2 & 5 Gallon for Outdoor Adventures: Essential Gear for Travelers

Do you know RAINBOW company?RAINBOW is one company founded in China, specializing in manufacturing flexible liquid tanks since 2006. Our wide product range includes Flexible PVC water liquid storage tanks, drinking water storage bladders, Portable fuel bag (2 and 5 Gallons) and Flexible pillow colla

2023 09-18
Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Pillow Fuel Tanks

Collapsible fuel bladder is manufactured based on Chinese Mil-Spec and made In China. We produce collapsible fuel tank in several standard capacities from 0.5 m3 up to 800 m3.RAINBOW quality control teams personally double checks every inch of each bladder using test procedures following Chinese Mil

2023 06-21
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What is a Pillow Fuel Bladder and How Does it Work?

Flexible bladder fuel tanks are manufactured by wide double-sided highly tensile polyester through a particular craftwork adhesive conglutinated pillow-shaped storage container.

2023 05-25
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The Benefits of Using a Flexible Pillow Fuel Bladder for Your Fuel Storage Needs

Fuel storage need one container or tank store it,as a traditional idea,most of people choose stainless steel tank or oil tank wagon because it is oil resistance and can’t rust at all.But the cost is higher because of the cost of stainless steel tank or oil tank wagon.

2023 05-22