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Newest container-collapsible water storage fuel bladder tank

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Glad to meet each other by Internet,welcome to browse our webpage.

Do you know collapsible water tank and flexible fuel bladder?Maybe you hear it only but no use it on earth!

We can find more and more hard plastic tank,but we are not same as them.we are collapsible and flexible when tank empty,small volume with large capacity.

hard plastic barrelsteel tank

Now we can introduce water storage bladders and collapsible fuel bladder tanks,they are all made from pvc tarpaulin material and highly tensile polyester material,below is picture of material.

PVC tarpaulin made flexible PVC tank

PVC tarpaulin can make PVC bladder

Below are their picture after tanks are finished,they can collapsible and foldable when tanks are all empty,maybe you want to know how to make it by material?

Keystar brand of PVC bladder

We manufacture flexible diesel fuel tanks pillows and onion tanks top open gray water by high-frequency welding or heat we can show you picture of equipment.

There are many advantage about collapsible water tank and flexible fuel bladder.

*They can be used in many field whatever sites are paved and unpaved road.

*Light in weight after folding

*Small volume and carry easily

*Save space and save freight

*Assemble easily

*Keep it away and use again.

Please contact with us if you have inquiry about tanks,thanks!



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