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New Order Of Pvc Non-potable Water Bladder Is Coming!!

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We feel very happy when our customer told us they are satisfied with our collapsible pvc non-potable water tank,we feel pleased when our customer trust us and do business with us although we have never seen each other,contact with each other online.we supply many kinds of tanks with competitive price and high quality to customer since we founded company in 2006.

bladder water storage tanks.jpg

One of our customer from Africa bought collapsible pillow pvc water tank with 3 pieces as sample in February of 2017,As we expected they were satisfied with samples in April,then place order 120 pieces to us quickly,they get tank 120 pieces last week,then we got their new order again.order quantity is 50 pieces.

flexible non-potable water bladder.jpg   foldable pvc water tank 10000liter.jpg

Several reasons make pillow tanks ideal vessels or water storage particularly within contexts where water availability is scarce and there need either transport using trucks or harvest rainwater.

*the pillow tanks are ideal for water trucking to populations facing water shortage

*the pillow tanks are be distributed to groups or populations in need of water storage vessels,for example,agro-pastoral and pastoral communities,or any other emergency areas.

Pillow water tanks are reliable,portable and can be carried by means of animal transport such as camel and donkey.

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