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Natural Rubber Bridge Preloading Water Bladder

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Purpose and method of Preloading

In order to test the safety and actual deformation of 6m cast-in-place beam formwork, the non-elastic deformation of the structure is eliminated by preloading, and the actual value of the elastic deformation of the formwork is obtained, the load-deflection curve is obtained, the design calculation results are checked, and the pre-arch (or reverse arch) is adjusted to obtain the accurate parameters of 6m cast-in-place beam construction. The problems and hidden dangers existing in the structure and installation of the bracket are found in advance, and the adjustment and rectification are carried out in advance to prevent the dangers in the future.

Procedures and steps of Preloading

In order to test the elastic variable of the support and the bearing capacity of the foundation and eliminate the influence of the vertical inelastic deformation of the support on the elevation, the support should be preloaded after the bottom formwork is laid, and the preloading material should be preloaded with water bags.

1. Before installing the bottom die of the support preloading mode, the bottom die should be installed to start the preloading of the support, but the surface of the template should be repaired and the surface of the template should be clean before the preloading. Relative settlement of foundation, elasticity and inelasticity of support are reserved at the top before preloading.


1) Send a special person to observe the changes of the stent, and remedy the abnormal situation immediately.

2) It is necessary to load by stages, the order of loading is close to that of pouring concrete, and unloading is also classified and measured.

3) After preloading and settlement of bridge construction section, the measured settlement (settlement of foundation and deformation of support) is directly used as a parameter value.

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