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Low Price Of Flexible PVC Rainwater Storage Bladder Rain Harvesting Tank

Rainwater collection can fill the gap when water supply becomes limited.Harvesting rainwater with flexible PVC rainwater storage bladder from roof can be used for flushing toilets,irrigation plants,washing clothes, washing cars,pressure washing,or it can be purified for use as everyday drinking water.
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Cheap rainwater tanks description

As manufacturer of flexible PVC rainwater bladders harvesting rainwater tank in China.We are engaged in design and manufacture and export rainwater bladders since 2006,and main function is store extra water during droughts or reuse rainwater to save in costs.It is not a complex product and install easily.Put onion PVC rainwater bladders outside when it is raining,the bladder will stand by itself after filled with rainwater fully.Like a onion when filled fully.You can make OUTLET VALVE is ON and discharge the rainwater to wash cars or water garden.

Cold water storage tank sizes and capacities

Capacity                                Size(cm)

Top Dia.Bottom Dia.Height

Feature of PVC tarpaulin material

1.Wear resistant, tear resistant, heat resistant, age resistant

2.Flexible and folded, easy packing

3.Light in weight when it’s empty

4.Save space and freight when shipped by sea,air or express

Water tank flexible technological process

1.Polymer fabric with PVC coating clipped

2.High-frequency current welding or hot air welding

1000 gallon plastic water storage tank applications

1.Irrigation water storage

2.Rainfall Collection

3.Residential and Public Storage of Water

4.Defense Water Storage Applications

5.Emergency Storage and Relief

6.Fire fighting in forest

7.Ballast bridge maximum load with PVC water tank



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