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Low Price China Portable Motorcycles Fuel Can 7 Liter Folding Jerry Can Bladder 2 Gallon

We supply China portable folding fuel jerry can bladder motobrcycles with 2 years warranty,it can hold 1.85 gallon gasoline,also diesel,avgas and Jet-A1,the material is coated for long lasting corrosion resistance,the outer wall of jerry can is flame retardant,choose it as soon as possible!
  • KSD-013
  • Keystar

Diesel storage tanks description

Item name:low price china portable motorcycles fuel can 7 liter folding jerry can bladder 2 gallon

Model No.: KSD-013 

Capacity:7.00 litre(2.0 gallon) 

Color:military dark green or other colors 

Usage:storage diesel,gasoline,avgas,aviation kerosene,etc. 

Small diesel fuel tank specifications

Burst pressuremore 0.48MPaSuitable environmental temperature-41℃~+85℃
Colordull dark greenCarried mediumgasoline,diesel,avgas,jetA1,etc.
Air carrying size450X370mmVertical capacity load size380X320X215mm
Inner size of inlet & outlet36mmHorizontal capacity load size430X340X135mm
Drop height4.50mSurface resistance2×109Ω

Motorcycle tank cover usage range 

China portable folding fuel jerry can bladder motorcycles 7.00liter is a kind of fuel carrying container bonded,it is with nozzle and made by oil-proof rubberized fabric,mainly used for carrying gasoline,diesel,jet fuel,and the like.

Military gas can advantages 

*It is collapsible when empty 

*Assemble easily 

*Suitable for travelling outside and on unpaved road. 

FAQ of China portable folding fuel jerry can bladder motorcycles 

Q1.what's material of China portable folding fuel jerry can bladder motorcycles? 

A:jerry can is a kind of fuel carrying container bonded by oil-proof rubberized fabric,is anti-static and flame retardant material. 


*Do Not Drag Tank

*Avoid Sharp Objects

*Do Not Sit On Can

*Store Away From Direct Sunlight

*Empty Tank Before Storing

*Tie Down Securely When In Use

*Frequently Release Pressure

*Keep Away From Children

*Standards GJB4219A-2013

Q2.what's thickness of material? 


Q3.what's spare part with jerry can? 


Q4.Can you supply free sample ?  

A:We can provide small free sample to you,but you need pay express charge. 

Q5.How to inspect quality of jerry can 7.00liter and 20.00liter? 

A:We have made air testing and drop testing from 100m before shipment. 

Q6.Wha is the MOQ? 

A:Our MOQ is 20pcs,but we can accept 1-2pcs as trial order. 

Q7.Is there any discount? 

A:Yes,we can give you bulk quote,discount is depended on your large quantity,we often supply competitive price to customer within 16 years. 

Q8.How to place order and make payment ? 

A:You can place Purchase Order to us or send your order confirmation to us by email,and we will make Proforma Invoice(or Sales Confirmation) with bank information to you,then you can make payment and start to do business with each other. 

Q9.Can you supply fast delivery? 

A:yes,we can send it within 2 days after your payment.



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