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Long Nose Water Bladder Is The Favorite For The Saudi Arabia Market

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Long nose water bladder is the favorite for the Saudi Arabia market

As for different kind of flexible water bladders, some market have their favoriate style, especially Saudi Arabian market has their particular choice. LONG NOSE WATER BLADDER is popular one in Saudi Arabia market, and people use it store water for irrigation, for camel drinking, for washing.

flexible water bladders

We got these two pictures from our customer in Riyadh yesterday. He lives in Saudi Arabia and does business about collapsible water tank with a series of capacity for many years. We can see collapsible water tank are used as irrigation water tank in farmland.



There are two water hoses on the top of water tank,their length is about 60cm, which looks like two long noses, so we named it as LONG NOSE WATER BLADDER. Users from Saudi Arabia are accustomed to fill water into tank by these two water hoses, also drain water by another water hose on the side of tank.

We can manufacture LONG NOSE WATER BLADDER with many sizes. 

Please contact us  if you have any doubts about our products . We can customize different shape, colors, sizes of products as your requirments. Email:

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