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Introduction of collapsible pillow fuel tanks

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Collapsible pillow fuel tanks are specially designed for temporary storage fuel, oil, water, chemical and other liquids.The standard type is made from highly tensile polyester.Frame work material is terylene fabric coated with special polyurethane on both sides.

Collapsible pillow fuel tanks

Flexible pillow fuel bladder are manufactured to exceed all other competitors. Such as hard steel or plastic tanks.We can confirm our tank’s quality control team personally double checks within 48 hours of each fuel bladder with safety in mind,using test procedures in accordance with Chinese Military Standard before shipment and making sure it is 100% up to the quality our customers expect and deserve.Our fuel bladders are built to be compact and portable making them ideal compared to other hard steel or plastic tanks.

Flexible pillow fuel bladder

Our pillow flexible fuel containers are designed to provide storage of diesel, gasoline, jet fuels, JP 8, Avgas and more.most customers are from Chinese army,Police, Armed police,UN development agencies in Sudan,etc. there are also some companies use our products all over the world.on the other hand,our tanks are used in a variety of industries such as, military, marine, exploration, mining, emergency response, disaster relief, and racing fuel cells. Our Flexible Fuel Bladder Tanks have high reputation among our clients,and we can also customize it to meet any of your needs whether that be bigger or smaller, extra or custom fittings we build each of our fuel bladders with the customer in mind.

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