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Instruction of flexible grey water storage bladder tank

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These instruction apply to the flexible grey water storage bladder tank for black water.

What's black water tank?

A black water tank is used only for collecting toilet waste.

The capacity of a waste water tank can never be too great.

The capacity should be calculated using the amount of flushing water(outside water)used by the toilet.reckon on 7 to 14 liters of black water per person per day.

Use only water-soluble toilet paper to prevent unnecessary blockages.

N.B:Sanitary towels and tampons in the toilet and black water tank will certainly cause blockages.

Clearing a blockage is an unpleasant job,make sure you have a pair of rubber gloves on board.

Smell of black water tank

Unpleasant smells caused by faeces will be produced in every black water tank.The use of sea water for flushing will increase the smell.The algae in sea water also produce unpleasant smells.

It is possible to add pecial additives to waste water tanks to reduce the smell,called tank deodorants.A simple way of reducing the smell is by using washing soda,which cleans and sterilizes.

Leaking hoses,hose fittings,tanks,tank covers,etc.,can also cause a smell nuisance,so carry out a regular check of the whole system.

harvesting grey water with pvc water bladder

How to make flexible black water tank empty?

The longer waste water remains in the tank,the greater the rish of smell,So do not leave a waste water tank full unnecessarily.pump the tank empty once a week,or whenever possible.

The tank can be pumped empty in two ways:

*A  pump-out system on the jetty is connected to the tank cap.This will empty the tank out.

*A pump on board the ship pumps the waste water out via the deck cap and a hose connected to it.This pump should have a passage of at east 38mm diameter.

During your absence when sinks,wash basins,showers,etc.are not used for a long time,the water in the S-bends,fitted as a smell trap in the drain pipes,will evaporate.This will lead to a smell nuisance.So put plugs in all drains when the ship is not manned for a long time.

How to clean black water tank?

Clean the inside of the tank with water and a good toilet cleaner,use household vinegar when there are scale deposits.Rinse the tank with clean tap water.


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