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Inflatable Pipe Plug Pipe Bladder

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Inflatable pipe plug expands to temporarily block pipes during repairs or in the event of a spill. 

The development of a special tool, inflatable pipe plug pipe bladder, contributes a lot in the installation and maintenance of large-scale pipeline water plugging. It can be used for cast iron or plastic pipes with diameter of 300-3000mm. It is easy to operate, intuitive to check, and can be checked and eliminated in time during construction. It has become an indispensable leak proof testing tool for closed water test and irrigation test of municipal pipeline engineering.The municipal pipeline water plugging air bladder is made of reinforced natural rubber. 


Before delivery, each municipal inflatable pipe plug pipe bladder will be tested under 1.5 times of the rated working pressure and the corresponding pipe diameter. In order to ensure the strength of the structure of the municipal pipeline water plugging air bladder, we use a safety factor of three times the rated working pressure of the pipe sealer.

The utility model is particularly suitable for the maintenance and test of the closed water test, the closed air test, the leakage point search, and the temporary water plugging for the pipeline maintenance after the drainage pipeline is sealed.

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