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How to use rubber water storage bag?

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Rubber water bag is also a kind of collapsible water tanks for temporary water storage. It is made with the material that is thinner and lighter than any rubber bladder but much stronger than you would imagine. 

The use method of rubber water storage bag:

1. Spread the water bag onto the required platform, and pay attention to that there is no sharp thing on the platform, so as not to damage the rubber water bag.

2. If the height of the water bag exceeds 2 meters, it must be reinforced with sand bags (or other means such as scaffolding) around the rubber water bag according to the size of the product, so as to reduce the pressure on the side of the rubber water bag and avoid the bursting and rolling of the water bag.

3. Use water pump or tap water, connect the water pipe to the water bag inlet valve, open the water inlet valve and exhaust valve switch, and remove the air in the water bag. Start filling water, and then close the intake and exhaust valves after the water bag fills up.

4. Use the water bag to prevent nails or sharp hard objects from puncturing the rubber water bag. If there is a scratch, use grinding wheel or wood file to wool, brush and water to cover the rubber cloth for repairing. It is better to use the glue recommended by the manufacturer to repair the water bag, and put it in place for appropriate time to reuse.

5. After use, fold up the water bag and put it in the room to avoid sunlight. If you don't understand the use of rubber water bag, please do not hesitate to contact us or just call.


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