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How to use portable fuel bladder safely?

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The production of portable fuel bladder provides great convenience for the majority of riders and other fuel storage uses. The traditional fuel barrel not only occupies the land, but also does not serve the purpose of portability. The collapsible fuel bladders can be folded up, which saves a lot space when not storing fuel. It is also very convenient while using. Nowdays, more and more people choose to use collapsible fuel bladders, so is the fuel bladder safe?

The fuel bladder is a soft fuel tank, and the soft fuel bladder is an fuel container made of oil-resistant adhesive cloth. It has the characteristics of light weight, foldable, wear-resistant, anti-fall, strong environmental adaptability, convenient carrying and simple to use.

How to safely use of soft fuel bladder? Here are things you need to pay attention to :

1) If you want to put it directly in the trunk of the car, you should first clean up the sharp objects inside the car to prevent the oil bag from being scratched. It is best to lay a piece of tape or canvas. And try to bring it close to the front of the car to prevent oil bag punctures during sudden braking.

2) Fix the fuel bladder and attach it to the side panel of the car with a rope through the oil sac handle. It can also be placed in the special frame of the flat bucket of the transporter.

3) If it is a transport vehicle, it should be placed in the special frame of the flat bucket of the transport vehicle.

4) Different fuels should be marked accordingly. It is recommended that the same fuel tank be fixedly filled with one kind of fuel.

Portable Fuel Bladder

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