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How to use bridge preloading water bladder?

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The bridge preloading water bladder is made of rubber nylon cloth and high density polyethylene. Moreover, it can be overlaped, which can satisfy the tonnage of bridge preloading, and fill it with water. The density of water is small. The preloading acceptance of our company has succeeded in the bridge preloading project all over the world. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low dynamic intensity, civilized site, neatness and so on.

How to use bridge preloading water bladder?

A. Place the water bladder in the pre-pressure position and spread out. The outlet valve is at the lower end of the water bladder. The valve is downward, revealing the bottom template, and closing the switch.

B. Use high-pressure water pump to remove the air in the water bladder tank by opening the valve of the intake pipe in the water pipe street, opening the switch and the exhaust switch. Start filling water and close the valve when the bridge preloading water bag is full.

C. If the template does not sink within the required preloading time (3-7 days), the lower outlet valve switch can be opened and the water can be discharged.

D. Prevent nails or sharp hard objects from puncturing water bladders during construction. If there is any puncture, use grinding wheel or wood file to puncture. Brush and water to cover with rubber cloth to repair, use glue recommended by manufacturers to repair, and put it in proper time for reuse.

E. After use, fold up the water bladder and put it indoors to avoid sunlight. 

Our company always provides customized pre-pressure water bladders and pressure measuring water bladders for bridges. Welcome to inquire us for more information.



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