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How to use an inflatable swimming pool ?

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How to blow up inflatable swimming pool ?

Inflating an inflatable swimming pool requires a device that has a compressor that can blow air into the pool sides.  Here are 3 ways to  to Inflate Blow-Up your inflatable pool.

1, Electric pump

The electric pump is driven by electric energy and has high inflation efficiency. It is suitable for medium and large inflatable products. The ordinary inflatable swimming pool only needs 3-5 minutes.

Usage: Electric pumps generally have three sizes of nozzles, which are suitable for large, medium and small inflatable products. According to the inflation port of the pool body, select the corresponding air inlet to the air inlet for inflation. If the electric pump is hot, it is recommended to stop the inflation. After the electric pump is cooled, it is inflated. In addition, the electric pump can also be used for pumping and deflation of the inflated product.

2, Foot pump

The foot pump is manually driven, and the inflation efficiency is general. It is suitable for small and medium-sized inflatable products. It takes more than 30 minutes for the ordinary inflatable swimming pool to use the foot pump.

How to use: Do not use excessive force when using the foot pump to inflate. It is necessary to apply even force. During the inflation process, the air nozzle pops up and needs to be reinserted.

3, Hand pump

The hand pump is manually driven, which is slow in inflation and low in price, and is suitable for small inflatable products. Not recommended for inflatable swimming pools.

The above three methods of inflation are simple and easy to operate. The inflatable swimming pool is recommended to use an electric pump for inflation. The overall inflation time takes only 3-5 minutes, saving time and effort. After use, it can also be used for pumping work in the inflatable swimming pool to facilitate the storage of the swimming pool. The foot pump takes 30-45 minutes. It is recommended that users who want to exercise by inflation should consider the choice. Hand pumps are time consuming and labor intensive and are not recommended.

Water release method of inflatable pools

1. Bottom drainage: Open the bottom drain port. This method is suitable for outdoor outdoor venues, and external water pipes can be drained from the bottom drain hose.

2. Side drainage: use the external drain pipe, open the side drain outlet drainage, this method is suitable for indoor or where clear drainage is required.

PS: The portable swimming pool with double drainage design can use two drains for drainage at the same time, and the drainage is more convenient and quick.

How to repair inflatable swimming pool ?

1. Drain the remaining water in the pool, open the air valve and let off the gas in the edge chamber to facilitate the cleaning of the pool.

2. Cut a patch. It is best to be 3 times the size of the damaged area. It is recommended to trim it into a circle.

3. Do the primer treatment. Clean up the repaired area and repair patches, and evenly apply special glue, use a hair dryer or air dry until it is not sticky.

4. Do the glue treatment. Apply glue to the area where the glue has just been applied, and do the same treatment until it is not sticky.

5. Align the patch with the repaired area, slowly attach the patch and flatten it. It should be noted that bubbles should be avoided when pasting, otherwise the sticking will not be strong.

6. Finally, put the pool body on a flat ground and press it with heavy objects for 24 hours.

Where to buy inflatable swimming pools

We Rainbow is a professional inflatable swimming pools supplier for more than 12 years. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about inflatable pools.



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