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How to save rainwater for multiple use?

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How to save rainwater  ?

We highly recommend you Rainbow rainwater bladder tanks.

Rainwater collection bladder tanks from Maijieke can be used to harvest rainwater from four chicken coops to store one thousand gallons of rainwater. 

rainwater storage tanks

Rainbow rainwater storage tanks are an convenient way to store,  and reuse rainwater. This kind of rainwater bladders are designed as a low profile option for inside or outside rainwater harvesting storage. These rain tanks are perfect in many places like tight storage areas like basements, under decks, or in crawl spaces. Rainbow rain storage tanks can be made with either potable or non-potable fabrics compliant material. Water bladders can contain from 25 up to 210,000 gallons of liquid, they are ideal for rainwater harvesting applications like:

  • Residential rain water collection

  • Fire sprinkler systems

  • Remote area water storage

  • Firefighter water supply

  • Industrial water storage

  • Storage in existing cisterns

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rainwater storage tanks

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