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How to operate collapsible grey water tank?

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As we known we can store grey water by collapsible grey water tank,do you know how to operate it?below instruction apply to portable grey water container for grey water.

A grey water tank should only be used for collecting water from sink,shower,wash basin,air conditioning,etc..

The capacity of a waste water tank can never be too large.Match the capacity to the amount of fresh water available;the capacity of the water tanks.

Fit sink,shower,wash basin,etc.with a drain with sieve,so that coarse waste,such as hair etc..will be less likely to enter the grey water tank.

Smell of grey water tank

Unpleasant odours will be produced in every grey water the sink,shower,wash basin,etc.,with an S-bend(siphon or stink trap)and a plug.

harvesting grey water with pvc water bladder

How to empty grey water tank?

The longer waste water remains in the tank,the greater the rish of smell,So do not leave a waste water tank full unnecessarily.pump the tank empty once a week,or whenever possible.

The tank can be pumped empty in two ways:

*A  pump-out system on the jetty is connected to the tank cap.This will empty the tank out.

*A pump on board the ship pumps the waste water out via the deck cap and a hose connected to it.This pump should have a passage of at east 38mm diameter.

During your absence and when sinks,wash basins,showers,etc.are not used for a long time,the water in the S-bends,fitted as a smell trap in the drain pipes,will evaporate.This will lead to a smell nuisance.So put plugs in all drains when the ship is not manned for a long time.

How to clean grey water tank?

Clean the inside of the tank with water and a good degreasing household cleaner,Rinse the tank with clean tap water.


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