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How to harvest rainwater by collapsible water tank?

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As we known there is lacking for the water resources on the earth,so we should treasure the water resources and save water.Once we saw a slogan-- wasting water resources is equal to crimes! Do you agree with it?

Today I will introduce to use pillow water bag to collect rainwater and reuse.

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and reusing.Rainwater collection is should be called "rainwater collection and utilization system", refers to the rainfall runoff collection and utilization of the roof of the building,washing and underground water supplies and water supply in order to achieve the comprehensive utilization of rainwater resources, and the purpose of saving water. It has a wide range of options,it can reduce the flood and rainfall in urban areas, low the water table, control the pollution of rainwater runoff, and improving the urban ecological environment. Rainwater collects, uses building, road, lake, collect rainwater, use in greenbelt irrigation, landscape water, or establish permeable road surface, use permeable material to be paved, increase the infiltration amount of rainwater directly.

Harvesting rain pillow water storage tank

It is easy to operate, that we collect rainwater from roof with  collapsible rainwater storge tank,the process is not complicated, first need a rainwater bladder, you can put water tank outside the house,also be placed underground, the water inlet pipe of collapsible water bag connect with house pipe. the rain will flow along the pipe bag when it rains, when the bag full of water can be saved,you can connect water pope to use rainwater again,rainwater can be use to wash the road,water garden and water the lawn, cover the great use of rainwater, saves water resources.

You can do it easily,buy rainwater collection bladder and assemble it to harvest rainwater.

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