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How to dispose of the used water storage bags

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The emergence of water bladders has brought great convenience to our lives. From animals' fur skin materials to today's polymer bladder  materials, the times are advancing, and the production and application of water storage bags are also improving. In order to adapt to the "green" concept of today's society, water storage bag manufacturers should not be careless when dealing with water bags.

In the past, users used the water bladder to discard it when they used it. Now, we can't do this anymore. Even if there is no supervision, we should set an example and strictly follow the standards of environmental protection. 

drought-resistant water bag

Below, I will teach you a few ways to deal with abandoned water bladders:

First, it can be recycled or discarded (buried) as waste.

Second, separate processing. First empty the water bag and separate the tube from the valve. The water bag that has been emptied should be wound up and sent to the local incineration department for disposal. The third is to cut the discarded water bladder into small pieces and send the materials to an authorized waste recycling company or to separate them. Of course, at the same time, we must first understand whether it meets the standards of environmental protection.

Water storage bags bring convenience and responsibility to us. Everyone has a responsibility to properly handle this waste water bag. Environmental issues are closely related to our immediate interests. We should not be careless when dealing with water storage bags. 

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flexible storage tank.

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Let's do our best to deal with the water bladder in enviromnmental way.


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