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How to collect rainwater naturally and how to use it

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In order to protect the environment and save water, people increasingly want to collect rainwater and use rainwater indoors. With the worldwide water supply decreasing year by year, collecting natural rainwater is an outstanding way for Mother Earth to treat and be responsible for the environment. You can also experience reduced water costs and carbon footprint!

How to collect rainwater?

Rain water collecting barrels. Rainwater harvesting using rain barrels/buckets is probably the most common method of collecting water. You can find the barrel in the local household goods store or on the Internet. They are made of plastic and have different sizes. If you happen to have a lot of rain, please choose a heavy rain bucket and make sure that there is a lid on the top of the bucket to prevent mosquitoes, animals and children from going out.


Place the WATER COLLECT BARRELS under the nozzle under the drain. This ensures that water from the roof enters the barrel. The advantage of rainbuckets is that they have a vent at the bottom, and the rainwater can flow out. Just fill the smaller container or connect the hose to the nozzle.

Rainwater collection system. You can also install a rainwater harvesting system consisting of large underground water tanks. When it rains, the water is directed to the tank. Then when rainwater is needed, there is a filter and a pump that can pump water according to your needs. This type of collection system is much more expensive and needs to be installed by professionals.

Use other collectors. You can collect rainwater naturally by using what you already have at home (such as buckets, children's swimming pools, sprinklers, etc.). Just fill them with rain and use water in a short time. If the waiting time is too long, mosquitoes may reproduce, so they must run out of water in a few days.

Used for rainwater

You can use rainwater at home and around. Many people use it to water gardens and plants. You can also use it for showers, car washes, laundry or weeding.



Rainwater harvesting can do a variety of things. For downspouts, copper rain chains add decorative features to the process. They rotate downward from the drain to the barrel, adding only a few talents to the process. You can also create a rainwater garden, which you can use to water your garden area.

It's a good idea to collect rainwater naturally. Free water from the sky can be used. You will find that such resourcefulness not only helps Mother Earth, but also fills your heart with emotion.

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