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How to Clean PVC Coated Tarpaulin Woven Fabric?

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After a long time of use, PVC coated tarpaulins such as air tarpaulins are always splashed with muds, stains, grease and other dirt. Since dirty PVC coated tarpaulin fabrics do not leave a good appearance, it takes time and effort to wash such large size or thickness fabrics, but throwing them away can be a huge waste, which can be somewhat troublesome when handling fabrics. If you control some cleaning methods, dirty air fabrics may not bother you so much. Tarpaulin Woven Fabric

1. If you running a large tarpaulin rental company, it is recommended to purchase professional cleaning equipment, which can improve cleaning efficiency and help speed up the use frequency.

2. Washing machine. Rotary mopping machines used by cleaners in large locations such as shopping malls or hospitals, combined with professional cleaners, can help you remove stubborn stains on PVC coated tarpaulin fabrics.

3. If you have a small amount of tarpaulin and simple tools, you can use a mop, a bucket, then put a cleaner, mop the floor and clean the tarp.

4. If double-sided tape or shredded paper is attached to a PVC-coated tarpaulin, it can be cleaned with asphalt remover, or some professional detergent can be used to clean away heavy dirt.

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