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How to clean a water storage bladder ?

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The water bag is a great storage container and the cleaning is very simple. The best way to care for your reservoir is to clean it with soap or other cleaning detergent and water and dry it.

Put a small amount of washing detergent in the bag, and inject half a bag of water, then add a mouth. Afer that, you can shake it vigorously, which can generate a lot of foam, shake it for a few times. Then you need to drain the water, and then clean it with water for several times until the foam is eliminated. 

Note that water storage bag manufacturers must not use baking soda, which is easy to cause odor.

The water stopcock, first pull it off from the water pipe, then pull out the yellow water valve. Please use a cotton swab and a toothbrush to pick up the washing spirit for cleaning. 

Be careful, the groove inside can not be ignored, use clean water after cleaning for several times.

The water pipe, if the dirt is only at the exit, then it is good to find a bamboo stick. If the whole pipe needs to be cleaned, then find the same wire, roll the cotton, and take the washing detergent according to the above amount. Besides, you can also use a towel or a cloth strip for cleaning.

If you will not use it for a while after cleaning the water bladder, the water storage bag must be dried. Besides, you need to control the moisture and keep the water storage bladder in a ventilated and open space that is not crowded.

Clean Water Bladder

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