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How to Choose the Right Size of Water Storage Tanks: An Exhaustive Guide

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The process of selecting an appropriate size for water storage tanks is a critical exercise in water resource management. It has a direct influence on the efficiency of water usage, whether in a residential, commercial, or industrial context. This comprehensive guide will provide you with key considerations for choosing the ideal size for your water storage tanks, based on your unique circumstances.

1. Quantifying Your Water Consumption NeedsFlexible Drinking Water Tanks

The first step in determining the right size for your flexible fresh water tank involves accurately estimating your daily water consumption. For residential households, this is often calculated based on an average water usage of about 80-100 gallons per person per day in the U.S., although this can vary widely depending on personal habits and household needs.

In commercial or industrial scenarios, water consumption can be significantly higher and often depends on specific operational processes, equipment, or production cycles. It's essential to have a detailed inventory of water-consuming aspects of your operations to generate an accurate estimate.

Once you've figured out the typical daily water usage, it's crucial to consider the peak water demand — the maximum amount of water needed at any given moment. It's prudent to add approximately 20% to this figure to cater for unexpected increases in usage, emergencies, or other unforeseen events.

2. Evaluating Your Water Supply Reliability

The reliability of your water supply also plays a significant role in dictating the ideal size of your water storage tank. If your water supply is consistent, such as a municipal supply or a dependable well, a smaller tank may suffice. This could mean a tank of about 600-800 gallons for an average family of four, considering daily water usage and an emergency buffer.

However, if you're relying on a less consistent or seasonal water source, like rain harvesting tank size would need to be larger. In these cases, the tank should be capable of storing enough water to meet your needs during the longest expected period without significant rainfall. This could imply a tank size ranging anywhere from 2,500 gallons for minimal residential needs to well over 10,000 gallons or more for larger households or businesses, depending on the specific climatic conditions of your location.

3. Considering Space Availability and Regulations

The physical space you have available for the tank installation can impose practical limits on the size of the tank. For instance, large tanks over 5,000 gallons might be impractical for small residential spaces. This makes careful spatial planning a necessity when considering tank size.

Moreover, local regulations and zoning ordinances may impose specific restrictions on the size, type, and placement of fleximake bladder. It's vital to liaise with local authorities and obtain all necessary permits before making your final decision.

4. Accounting for Material and Durability Aspects

While not a direct determinant of size, the material of the water storage tank can affect the range of available sizes. Plastic or polyethylene tanks are lightweight and available in a wide range of sizes, up to about 10,000 gallons. On the other hand, concrete or steel tanks can accommodate much larger capacities, often exceeding 20,000 gallons. However, they come with added complexity and cost for installation.

The durability of the tank material should also be considered. Ensure your chosen tank material is robust enough to withstand environmental conditions, potential mechanical stress, and the chemical nature of the stored water over a long period.

5. Seeking Professional Advice

Every water storage scenario is unique, and thus, it may be challenging to apply general guidelines to specific situations accurately. Consulting with a water management professional can help clarify uncertainties and offer bespoke advice based on your unique circumstances. These experts can provide valuable insights, considering all relevant factors, including water consumption patterns, supply reliability, available space, regulatory requirements.

In conclusion, determining the right size of a water storage tank involves careful consideration of your water needs, supply reliability, space availability, local regulations, and tank materials. With thoughtful evaluation and professional guidance, you can select the ideal tank size for your specific circumstances.

Different from the rigid plastic or polyethylene water tanks described in the above article, the flexible storage tank produced by RAINBOW have many advantages over these rigid water bags. They are light in weight, portable, small in size after folding, movable easily,and can be customized .

There are two kinds of flexitank water bladder from RAINBOW, one is PVC coated collapsible tanks for storage, made with non-food grade materials,they are suitable for office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, industrial areas, etc. Cold water storage tanks can be used to collect rainwater, install disinfection water, install mud and industrial wastewater, etc.

The other is drinking water bladder tank made of food-grade materials. When tsunamis, earthquakes and mudslides occur, it can hold drinking water for human consumption in emergencies. It can also hold beer or milk.

The commercial water storage tanks are one of containers with a wide range of applications. If you need to know more, please refer to various articles we have published; if you need  customized above ground plastic water storage tanks, please also tell us your requirements, and we will give you more information. Multi-professional guidance until you are satisfied.


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