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How to choose flexible graywater tank?

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We can manufacture water tanks with many shapes and many capacity,especially for gray water tank,now we can give you some advice about choosing gray water tank for you.

gray water tank

You can choose pillow and rectangle shape tanks if your space is not limited,large gray water pillow tanks and rectangle tanks are an ideal choice for any location dealing with temporary bulk liquid storage. They can often used on frac sites, irrigation areas, mining fields and commercial locations,we can confirm these tanks provide increased storage potential in a single storage area.meanwhile, all tanks are able to be quickly folded for transportation to and from locations it can reduce shipping costs and mitigate transportation requirements.

You can choose smaller gray water tanks to meet your smaller storage requirement if the place you put water tank is narrow or limited,such as small onion tank,small pillow tanks and small rectangle tanks,they can offer low profiles and flexible sizing options. Most small tanks are 200liter,500liter,and the like. This allows them to be stored in tight or cabined areas where a more rigid tank would not suitable for it. It also allows flexible water tank to easily fit through doorways or frames.

You can choose custom storage tanks for you is the place you put gray water tank is non-standard shape,we often make well-adapted flexible tanks to meet custom requirements from customers.

Welcome to browse the to look and choose water tanks you need.

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