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How to choose better flexible fuel bladder tanks?

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Rainbow collapsible fuel bladder tanks are made with the supreme heavy-duty TPU coating fabric. The fuel bladder tanks are built to withstand extreme conditions and provide the highest level of reliability. We have small, middle and large fuel bladder tanks to meet you multiple nedds. Our bladder tanks can be used as follows:

Diesel Fuel Storage

Gasoline Storage

Emergency Interim Fuel Storage

Long-term Fuel Storage

Military Fuel Storage

Marine Ship Fuel Storage

Gasoline storage

Diesel stroage

JetFuel storage

Lube oil storage

Crude oil storage

Dielectric oil storage

Hydraulic oil storage

Mild chemicals storage

How do you always choose better flexible fuel bladders? Here are my advice:

Please do not always focus on the strength and thickness of fabric material. It is only one side of good material. The most important point is the PVC/TPU coating formula. It can ensure the material have best UVresistance. oil resistance, abrasion resistance, fire resistance and other performance.

If you have any doubts about fuel bladder tanks, please feel free to contact us.


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