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How to change water fuel bladder to reservoir fuel reservoir?

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Maybe you don’t know flexible water tanks are an easy way to store small amounts of drinking water, rain water, greywater, and production water applications. We can make collapsible water tanks with many styles with a series of capacities in order to provide enough storage capacity for emergency applications, construction sites, and facilities.

fuel bladder reservoirSome customers ask us if they are on dry place and shortage of water,so they need build a reservoir to provide water for their project,can we help them to finish it?yes,we can connect more water bladders together and build one reservoir for them..

We have designed and made water reservoir for some customers,they are satisfied with our great effort,now we can show you design,it will be a big water reservoir,not single water bladder only.

fuel bladder connection reservoir

The same reason,we can also design and supply fuel reservoir for you if your project need big fuel reservoir,not only one or more pillow fuel tank.

pillow fuel tank

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