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How to carry soft oil bladders?

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In the long-distance transportation process, the most common problem is that the gasoline is insufficient. In this case, it is most appropriate to prepare a soft one. The soft oil sac is an oil container made of oil-resistant footsteps, which is very convenient for carrying gasoline, diesel and the like. The product itself has the advantages of light weight, foldability, wear resistance, drop resistance, convenience and simplicity. So what is its carrying method? Professional oil tank manufacturers introduce you.

soft oil bladders

The first one is the most direct, which is placed in the trunk, but pay attention to clear the internal sharps in advance, if possible, then lay a piece of tape or canvas. And place it as close as possible to the front of the trunk to prevent sudden braking. For safety reasons, the soft oil bladder can be attached to the side panel of the car with a rope. For large transport vehicles, they need to be placed in a dedicated flat bucket frame.

Reminder: Each oil sac should be marked with a use, preferably fixedly filled with the same type of oil.

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