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How to carry extra fuel when you are on adventure motorcycling?

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If you are rider and you often tour on motorbikes with smaller fuel tank capacity .What you should to do when you see following reminder.

No fuel warning jerry can

Maybe you want to find fuel station to go on,but no,how should you do?

It is your best choice that portble fuel bladder 7liter can help you face to the trouble,you have to carry some extra fuel to go on those long stretches which extend the maximum riding kilometers the fuel tank of your motorbike can deliver.

portbale jerry can 20liter for Chinese Army

If you are driving motorbike to Tibet and Mt.Tianshan,you are definitely going to face this problem as while returning back from these places you will need that extra fuel.

Jerry can 7liter for motorbikeportable fuel tank 7liter for motorbike

Talking about solutions to this problem, you can carry extra fuel in motorcycle cans.

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