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How Magical Test Method For 20 Litre Oil Bags!

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As you known we manufacture and sell portable 20l soft folding oil sac for many years,it started from 2006,mainly supply to Chinese Army, Police, armed police,UN development agencies in Sudan and Somolia,ant the like.there are also some companies use our products.

Height of dropping test for 20L soft folding oil sac is 30m,we test each 20L soft folding oil sac before packing,we manufacture it according to Chinese Military Standard,so it has high quality.meanwhile,we must confirm all need test strictly before shipment.

Here we got some pictures from Mr.Steve from Austrilia,he test 20L soft folding oil sac by his way,what?see following picture and you can know more.

china portable foldable fuel cell 20liter.jpg

Thanks for Mr.Steve believe in us and tell more people the quality is trustworthy,as a small 20L soft folding oil sac,it can store spare fuel for car,motorbike,light aircraft and snowmobile,and the like.

wholesale motorcycle fuel bladder.JPG  5 gallon fuel bladder factory.JPG cheap 20litre collapsible jerry can.JPG

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