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How does Greece fire fighting?

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The "Prometheus" project invented by Greece is also beneficial to forest fire prevention. The plan goes far beyond the traditional practice of simple fire extinguishing and controls the area of the fire through computers.

The plan developer George Efthidis said: "We can't change the weather on the terrain, but we can change the fuel." The experts' opinion is that they fled the countryside, the unreasonable operation of farmland, and the change of living habits. So that more and more biomass is left unused in nature. This left more hazards for the fire, increasing the possibility of fire and the difficulty of extinguishing the fire. The expert also said: "No matter what measures we take are the same, forest fires are always constant. However, we can control risks. For this purpose, we need to be based on science."

In the Prometheus project, the Greeks collected data on wind, weather, vegetation, and other related factors, and studied their relationship to fire. No matter where a fire occurs, the Prometheus program can use this data to predict the possible spread of fire and possible ecological and economic losses. This helps determine whether and when to take measures and what measures to take. If the situation is favorable, the fire brigade should allow the fire to burn or allow it to ignite spontaneously. His explanation is: "We now have enough understanding of the formation of the fire. It is important that we make our knowledge available to the relevant local agencies."

Environmental researcher Moreno agreed that this kind of controlled forest fire is the best way to prevent fires. He believes: "Everywhere in the fire-fighting ecosystem, no fire can lead to irreversible losses." His reason is that in the dangerous areas, as the biomass increases, once there is a lightning strike, it will bring about greater Disastrous consequences.

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