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How are water bladders made

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Environmental protection has been more and more popular these years. The company is retreating from a strong history. The technical level is now strong enough to make high quality products.

First of all, our water bladder is divided into two kinds of materials: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mesh cloth and polyurethane (TPU) mesh cloth. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mesh cloth is suitable for non-drinking liquid, polyurethane (TPU) mesh cloth. Suitable for oily liquids. Its thickness can be divided into 0.7 sister, 0.9 sister, 1.2 sister, 1.5 sister, in order to meet the needs of differences, the service life is divided into five years of ordinary type of war ten years enhanced. Of course, all of these parameters can also be customized. Our water bladder are also colorful in color, blue, red, black, camouflage, orange, white, green, orange and so on. 

The scope of application is also very broad, industrial water, wastewater, sewage, low-acid and alkali fire, sea water, non-corrosive chemical confusing fire, oil and water mixture and other fields.

In the future, We will focus on the application of new environmentally-friendly materials, and it will be more and more superior in the function of fire-fighting capsules. In this regard, environmental protection is also progressing to broaden the cooperation of friends and help each other and seek common development.

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