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How about water resources in the America?

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All the content is referenced in the world water survey.

The world water survey says the North American Water survey shows that 41 million people in North America drink water every day"

North America is rich in fresh water (about 13% of the world's freshwater resources), but sometimes it feels the pressure of water shortage. Glaciers and snow sheets, the main source of water for the Canadian prairies, are shrinking. Some cities also have problems of water shortage and hidden dangers of drinking water.

According to a recent water survey, 41 million people in the United States contain many kinds of drugs in their drinking water, including antibiotics, antispasmodic drugs, sedatives and so on. Although the amount of drugs in drinking water is small and will not immediately cause harm to health, scientists worry that long-term intake of these drugs through drinking water can be hazardous to health.

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The survey also says South America has global 1/4 water resources

South America has 1/4 of the world's water resources, while the South American continent has only 1/6 of the world's population. But the South American forest area has been shrinking, so the water resource is seriously threatened, with the development of economy in South America also increased water consumption, therefore, in the protection of water resources, to the point of South America is absolutely no sleep without any anxiety.


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