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How about water resource in Oceania?

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All the content is referenced in the world water survey

Australia is a relative lack of water resources, the country's annual average rainfall of only 470mm. Poor water resources forced Australians to make the most of every drop of water. Most of the drinking water sources use reservoir water, some of them use marsh water sources, and part of them use river water and snow water. Because of the shortage of water resources, to strengthen the protection of water sources of water supply in cities and towns, the states have the specialized agencies to control water pollution and develop water quality protection regulations, and strengthen legal education for all, where the water reservoir of drinking water, has a strict management and control measures.

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Australia experienced a drought in 2002, after which the drought has eased, but since 2006, the drought has come again. By the most severe drought is the Murray - darling basin.

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Recent analyses of climate change in Australia by top researchers have shown that a reduction in rainfall is likely to be associated with global warming. In recent years, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the ecological environment, the government has taken measures to establish an integrated management system of water allocation and water rights, and clearly raised a resounding slogan: "the environment is the legitimate user of water".


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