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How about jerry can 20liter used in light aircraft?

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Collapsible 20litre jerry can is very popular product among our customers,most of them choose it as portable fuel bag 20liter used for light aircraft.

portable fuel bag 20liter

Maybe you don’t know there are many sectors where our products seems very useful.Chinese army,Police, armed police,UN development agencies in Sudan,etc. So many companies use our we can meet your requirement.

Jerry can 20liter can fold down to approx A4 size. Military spec reinforced TPU with odour proof barrier.we do drop test height of 100m.

jerry can 20liter

Connect with 38mm filler cap and internal threaded reverse flute for easy draining in any situation.It is most popular tank for light aircraft as it is easily stored and carried too and from refueling stations.please see our foldable fuel cans for motorcycles if this tank is too large.

foldable fuel cans for motorcycles

Some customers like to fly over the snow-capped mountains or ocean,they can carry a full 20L bladder for your aircraft as backup emergency fuel.

Tim,one of our customer said,at no time was there any fuel odour in the aircraft which really impressed by him,there was no fuel smell at is a good and a impressive result.


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