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History of portable jerry can 20liter and 7liter

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Jerry can  also written as jerrycan or jerrican,most conventional jerry can is iron jerry can and hard plastic one,but ours is one kind of portable fuel jerry can made from TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethane) material,It was designedto be manufacture by mould in China in the 1990s for Chinese Military using firstly,it can hold 20liter of fuel.such as diesel,gasoline,avgas,aviation kerosene.and the like.

It can be foldable,portable and save space when empty,The development of the jerrycan was a significant improvement compared with original designs, we make one  nozzle,one cap and two handles to use handily. It is very popular among users who has airplane and some airline.we also make similar design for motorbike is used for fuel container which is 7liter,The designs of 20liter and 7liter are classical ones,no other to choose,we often called them as jerrycans.

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