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Go Back To or Not?

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Go back to or not?

We had a meeting to discuss if we need choose another network platform to promote collapsible water tank and fuel bladder of us in 2019?

As we known is  a biggest B2B platform in the world.once we were one of Chinese super supplier on  from 2008 to 2016.


We met more trade friends and clients when we were on during passed 8 years,we are also friends except business partners,so we thanks of 

Now we have some doubt about,we got more inquiry from potential buyer,we do our best to supply reasonable offer to them,follow up again and again,but no result at all,where have all the flowers gone?

Whatever we go back to to,we ,we hope any trade friend or puchaser can find us by by although we are not on,we are always here and serve sincerely for you. 



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