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Fuel storage Bladder tanks

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Primary Use Of Fuel Bladders

Pillow fuel bladders are used in various fields, such as agribusiness, public works, humanitarian, military and industrial areas. Standard tanks are designed for land based use and operations, but can be used in marine settings and in aviation given proper support. Fuel bladders are also commonly used in oil spill recovery operations.

High grade fuel bladders offer a higher degree of protection of the stored liquids, ensuring the contents never come in contact with air. This ensures that there is no risk of evaporation or explosion due to gas formation. In order to prevent liquid contamination, a neutral barrier film is added to the fuel bladder's inner side.

Fuel bladders are most useful in situations where critical infrastructure has been compromised or does not exist. Benefits of using a flexible storage system like fuel bladders is their ability to be transported and set up quickly. GMA Cover Corp. advertises that their pillow shaped bladders are foldable at less than 5% of the total volume. Other unique characteristics of fuel bladders are their high resistance to climatic conditions, which makes them useful for use in disaster zones and wartime desert operations.

Fuel storage Bladder tanks

Technical Characteristics

High end fuel bladders are made of elastomer coated fabrics manufactured by homogeneous vulcanization in one operation. The fabrics ensure the mechanical resistance. Coating and design engineering grant chemical properties and water tightness.


Fuel bladders can come equipped with all the necessary components for transportation, for example water transportation or fuel transportation on vehicles. Flexible tanks are equipped with adjustable skirts and adjustable towage straps designed to provide high resistance to transport constraints. Adjustable skirts may be replaced by a strap net in case the users need to transform a traditional storage tank to a transportable flexible tank.

Additional Uses

Flexible pillow tanks are also used as 'water bladders'. The synthetic fabrics used are tough and strong to avoid damage and to prevent leakage.

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