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Folding Rainwater Bucket Rain Collection Barrel Made With PVC Tarpaulin Price List

Rainwater bucket is foldable because of flexible PVC tarpaulin material,there are 100 liter,160liter,250liter,380liter to 3000liter.It can capture rainwater and soak seeds before planting.
Assemble and carry easily, The barrel folds flat for easy storage,then reuse on next rain or sowing season.Lower price is based on large quantity.
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Collapsible rain barrel description

RAINBOW folding bladders rain barrels are one of the most cost effective options for rainwater collection,storage and reuse.Low profile enough to store in garden,under the roof, patios or in basements, these tanks are an excellent water storage solution for areas with open or limited storage space.Barrels can be used residentially,commercially,and for large-scale industrial or municipal enterprises.

Buy rain barrel specification

Barrel CapacityDiameter x HeightSupporting rods
22 UK Gal.Ø1.31' x H 2.56'3
35 UK Gal.Ø1.64' x H 2.89'3
55 UK Gal.Ø1.97' x H 2.89'3
84 UK Gal.Ø2.46' x H 2.89'4
176 UK Gal.Ø3.28' x H 3.28'4
220 UK Gal.Ø3.61' x H 3.28'6
264 UK Gal.Ø3.94' x H 3.61'6
330 UK Gal.Ø4.27' x H 3.61'6
352 UK Gal.Ø4.92' x H 2.95'8
440 UK Gal.Ø4.92' x H 3.61'8
550 UK Gal.Ø5.58' x H 3.61'8
550 UK Gal.Ø5.25' x H 3.94'8
660 UK Gal.Ø6.07' x H 3.61'10

Install spigot on rain barrel feature

1.Portable barrel can be placed on any level surface

2.Heavy-duty, 3-ply UV-resistant polyester walls

3.Not crack when frozen—flexible to -40F.

4.Available in 4 colors,grass green,dark green,black and tan.

5.Available in 100 to 3000 liter.



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