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Folding Pillow Shape Drinking Water Potable Water Tank Price List

Folding drinking water potable water tank is made with flexible food grade material,so it is foldable when rolled up,the range of capacities is from 200liter to 100,000liter.also custom made the sizes as your required.
  • KSD-001
  • Keystar

Potable water tanks plastic description

Folding drinking water potable water tank has been used in hundreds of emergency response and relief efforts due to unfortunate hardships such as floods,fires,tsunamis,hurricanes,earthquakes,oil spills and military conflicts. These tanks can be used to store valuable drinking water on emergency conditions to supply safe and clean potable water for people.

Potable water tank cleaning characteristics

Functionmilk and potable water storage
Materialfood grade material approved by SGS and FDA
Constructionmobile,folding when empty,stand by itself when water fully
Advantagesave space when empty,save money on water reserves
CapacityMin.: 50liter/0.05m³/1.8ft³

Max.: 1000,000liter/1000 m³/35314.7ft³
Customdesign,size and color as your needs

The advantages of potable water storage tanks near me

1.Folding drinking water potable water tank ensure the safe water storage.

2.Tanks with the clean water,protected from dirt,leafs,rain,twigs,insects and other harms.

3.Тhe fabric is UV resistant.water storage without any moldiness or smell

4.Having small dimensions when folded the tank can be easily transported

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