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Foldable PVC Rainwater Barrel Water Prepared Emergency Storage Bucket Price

RAINBOW MADE foldable PVC rainwater barrel in 100 to 3000 liter,details of barrel as below:
1.Made with corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant pvc fabric.
2.Effortless installation and dismantlement.
3.Be emptied easily and moved to new place.
4.Water from the tank is undrinkable.
5.Two year manufacture warranty.
  • KSD-015
  • Keystar

Collapsible water barrel description

As we all known that we always need water prepared emergency storage in our lives.RAINBOW foldable PVC rainwater barrels are the best and only solution for water storage.The tanks are not pressurized so can be connected with homehold water hose.These water prepared flexible PVC barrels make keeping a sufficient water supply for emergencies easy and convenient.

Cheap water barrels specification

CapacitySizeSupporting rods
100 Ldia.40X H78cm3
160 Ldia.50X H88cm3
250 Ldia.60X H88cm3
380 Ldia.75X H88cm4
800 Ldia.100X H 100cm4
1000 Ldia.110 X H 100cm6
1200 Ldia.120 X H 110cm6
1500 Ldia.130 X H 110cm6
1600 Ldia.150 X H 90cm8
2000 Ldia.150 X H 110cm8
2500 Ldia170 X H 110cm8
2500 Ldia.160X H 120cm8
3000 Ldia.185 X H 110cm10

100 gallon rain barrel standard features

1.Self-supporting—locate any falt palce.

2.Bottom threaded valve connects to hose or soaker

3.Not crack when frozen—flexible to -40F

4.Complete assembly and installation instructions included

5.Connector pipe allows for expansion in series by increasing total capacity

Collapsible rainwater tank other usages

1.Slurry collection

2.Grey water storage

3.Chemical effluents

4.Liquid fertilizer storage

5.Ammonia solution storage

6.Solution of caustic soda storage

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