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Foldable PVC Gray Water Storage Tank Waste Water Tank Mining Area Water Bladder Tank Price

It is one trouble that wastewater collection and storage for chemical plant and mine.RAINBOW foldable PVC tank can supply an ideal solution to store wastewater and gray water tanks.
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Gray water storage tank description

RAINBOW foldable PVC tarpaulin tank can store wastewater in mining area.It is one new solution for mine owner for the permanent or temporary storage.Most of wastewater have pungent smell,but wastewater stored in foldable PVC tanks does not evaporate and an odor it may produce is completely sealed within the tank.Contaminants cannot overflow from the sealed tank.

Water bladder tank specification

153 gal.43"L x 24"W x12"H8.82 lb.91585 gal.150"L x 71"W x35"H59.52 lb.
2132 gal.65"L x 28"W x16"H15.43 lb.101849 gal.157"L x 77"W x35"H63.93 lb.
3264 gal.79"L x 39"W x20"H17.64 lb.112113 gal.173"L x 79"W x35"H70.55 lb.
4396 gal.98"L x 39"W x24"H24.25 lb.122378 gal.185"L x 79"W x37"H74.96 lb.
5528 gal.98"L x 47"W x26"H28.66 lb.132642 gal.189"L x 87"W x37"H81.57 lb.
6793 gal.118"L x 59"W x26"H35.27 lb.143963 gal,197"L x 118"W x39"H114.64 lb.
71057 gal.122"L x 63"W x31"H44.09 lb.155283 gal.240"L x 130"W x39"H134.48 lb.
81321 gal.138"L x 71"W x31"H52.91 lb.166604 gal.315"L x 124"W x39"H163.14 lb.

Waste water tank features

1.The smallest possible footprint when it’s empty and foldable.

2.Light weight when it's empty and foldable.

3.Foldable and mobile anywhere

4.Reusable and durable for 8-10 years

5.Premium 3 year warranty is the best in the industry!

Water liquid storage tanks multi-applications

1.Harvesting wastewater

2.Stores chemical products and liquid fertilizers.

3.Rainwater collection

4.Fire water storage

5.Bridge ballast

6.Irrigation water storage

RAINBOW tanks with different shape and capacities are widely used in agricultural, commercial,industrial,oil,marine and military.Contact with us for your needs to custom made tanks for you.



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