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Foldable Pillow Flexible Storage Water Tank

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We are a professional maunufacturer producing flexible storage water tank with high quality PVC/TPU coated polyester fabric.

TPU is FDA approved materail, it's most suitable for human dinking,also for fuel strorage.

PVC is suitable for animal water drinking,farm use, emergency water storage situation, rainwater collection etc.

In a word ,It can be used to store industrial water, fire water, rainwater harvesting, irrigation water,concrete mixing water, slope green water, sewage water storage and oil well cementing.

All fodable flexible storage bladder tanks can be used for the different application and liquid containment bladder tank. Each type pillow tank bladder have light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty three grades raw material to suitable your application.

Foldable Pillow Flexible Storage Water Tank

We can know your detailed request via online and offline communication, provide comprehensive production plan according to our experience and customers' request.

If you are interested in Foldable Pillow Flexible Storage Water Tank, please feel free to contact us. We could provide samples to you, or you could come to our company to visit. 



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