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Fuel Jet Fuel Bladder Suppliers

Item name:fuel jet fuel bladder
Fittings on fuel bladder: 
Inlet fitting and outlet valve 1.0inch,1pc
One fuel pipe on bottom 

D shape Handle on long side,4pcs
  • KSD-005
  • Keystar

Fuel jet fuel bladder suppliers 

Introduction of fuel jet fuel bladder 

Since 2006,we are one of the most professionall fuel jet fuel bladder suppliers in China, and we have exported fuel jet fuel bladders for more than 12 years. The fuel bladder is portable and it can store 65liter fuel by each time. 

Details of fuel jet fuel bladder 

Item name:fuel jet fuel bladder 

Model No.:KSD-005 

Size of bladder:75x48x18cm 

Fittings on fuel bladder: 

*inlet fitting and outlet valve 1.0inch,1pc 

*One fuel pipe on bottom 

*D shape Handle on long side,4pcs 

Features of fuel jet fuel bladder:

1.It has mall size and it is portable

2.Save space and transportation charge 

3. Operate handily 

4. Easy to fix by D shape handle 

5. Pick it up by bandages 

Application of fuel jet fuel bladder:

Our fuel jet fuel bladder can be put on a car, truck or boat as an extra tank, supplying fuel for expedition trips in the outback. 

Warm tips

We often customize fuel jet fuel bladder with diverse size for different customer. They offer the size of fuel bladder or space you will lay. We can customize fuel bladder for customer and meet 100% their request after testing. .You can contact with us if you have demand to customize fuel bladder. Email:



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