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Collapsible Jerry Can Fuel

collapsible jerry can is suitable for light aircraft,boat,car and 4X4 SUV and 4WD,popular among all users
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Collapsible jerry can fuel 

Introduction of collapsible jerry can fuel  

Collapsible jerry can fuel is a new type of oil-carrying container made of oil-resistant material. It is mainly used to carry fuels,such as gasoline,diesel,aviation kerosene,and the like. 

Specifications of Collapsible Jerry Can Fuel:

Burst pressuremore 0.48MPaSuitable environmental temperature-41℃~+85℃
Colordull dark greenCarried mediumgasoline,diesel,avgas,jetA1,etc.
Air carrying size450X370mmVertical capacity load size380X320X215mm
Inner size of inlet & outlet36mmHorizontal capacity load size430X340X135mm
Drop height4.50mSurface resistance2×109Ω

Features of collapsible jerry can fuel  

Collapsible jerry can fuel is light weight,foldable,wear-resistant, anti-fall,environmental protection, portable and use easily. 

Structural features of collapsible jerry can 

Fuel Internal diameter of inlet and outlet are all 36mm,it is suitable for filling. The outer wall of collapsible jerry can fuel is flame-retardant and anti-static. 

Usage of collapsible jerry can fuel 

*Filling volume should not exceed 20L(5 gallon)when filling with nozzle. 

*Filling different fuels should be marked accordingly. 

*One kind of jerry can should fill with the same oil,don not mix. 

Storage method of collapsible jerry can fuel 

1)Put it in the trunk of the car,clear the sharp objects inside the car and lay a piece of cloth or canvas,Keep it closer to the front of the car as possible to prevent it from being scratched when braking. 

2) Attach the rope through collapsible jerry can fuel and attach it to the side of the trunk. 

3) Placed in the special frame of the carrying bucket for transport vehicles.



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