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Flexible storage tanks for water harvesting in rainfed areas

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Rainwater is collected and reused to effectively in rainy seasons in avoid to the water shortage caused by the drought in the area. collapsible rain water bag is used as most commonly used type of storage device in the rainwater collection. especially in rainfed areas.

collapsible rain water bag

water storage tanks

The collection of rainwater is to collect rainwater on the underlying surface,such as roofs, roads, courtyards and squares, and then be used for irrigating green space, flushing toilets, car washing, landscaping and spraying pavement, etc. This method can make direct use of rainwater after proper treatment,reducing the amount of tap water, thereby reducing both the amount of rainwater discharge and water conservation. collection and reuse systems usually include collection pipelines, initial runoff abandonment facilities, rain water storage tanks, treatment facilities, clean water storage tanks,Should be based on the quality of raw water and reuse the appropriate choice of treatment.due to the usually uneven distribution of rainfall in time and space, rainwater should not be used as a source of water for the above purposes only. reclaimed water or other sources of water should be considered for replenishment.

foldable rainwater bladder

We provide a variety of sizes of foldable rainwater bladder to meet the needs of customers with many colors, you can choose water tank according to your need.


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