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Flexible PVC Rainwater Storage Tank Rain Harvesting Barrel On Stock

Flexible PVC rainwater barrel is made with PVC tarpaulin material.It can foldable because of flexible PVC material.Collapsible and foldable when it’s empty,which can collect rainwater from 100 liter to 3000liter,then can be used to water garden and irrigate plants.
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Connect downspout to rain barrel description

Flexible PVC rainwater storage tank rain harvesting barrels are made from heavy-duty plastic which is named as PVC tarpaulin material.And since you can stack them when they are empty without any water, they make for a very convenient and effective way of storing emergency water.Collecting rainwater water garden,or used rainwater as fire water storage.

Storing water in plastic barrels sizes and capacities

Barrel CpacityDiameter x HeightSupporting rods
26 US Gal.Ø1.31' x H 2.56'3
42 US Gal.Ø1.64' x H 2.89'3
66 US Gal.Ø1.97' x H 2.89'3
100 US Gal.Ø2.46' x H 2.89'4
211 US Gal.Ø3.28' x H 3.28'4
264 US Gal.Ø3.61' x H 3.28'6
317 US Gal.Ø3.94' x H 3.61'6
396 US Gal.Ø4.27' x H 3.61'6
423 US Gal.Ø4.92' x H 2.95'8
528 US Gal.Ø4.92' x H 3.61'8
660 US Gal.Ø5.58' x H 3.61'8
660 US Gal.Ø5.25' x H 3.94'8
793 US Gal.Ø6.07' x H 3.61'10

50 gallon plastic barrel benefits

1.Flexible easily when it’s empty

2.Easy to Ship and Move

3.Small or large capacities available

4.Preserve it once finished to reuse in next season

5.Connects to downspouts,water pipes and pumps

Due to a massive demand spike in May to September every year,RAINBOW often make some barrels with different color on stock.please inquiry us to get detailed information about barrels if you need rain barrels with 50 liter,200 liter or 380 liter.



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