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Flexible PVC Rainwater Barrel With Rainwater Harvesting System China Supplier

Going green has become increasingly popular recently.Small steps can make a huge impact.Why not try harvesting rainwater? This idea may sound overwhelming or impossible, but RAINBOW can supply harvesting rain barrel with rain gather sysytem to help you get rainwater collection.Assemble easily with assemble guide,you can finish it within 5 minutes.The capacity of barrel from 50 liter to 1350 liter on optional.
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Best rain collection barrel description

Most of people like buy rigid plastic barrels wo harvest rainwater which looks like beer barrel.It is tranditional barrel,it would crack in winter once you forget to drain the water in cold winter.It had  difficulties of shipping and storing the plastic barrels and cracking when frozen.RAINBOW flexible PVC rainwater barrels store rain water and the material stays flexible to -40C,and faired well with the freezing no cracks or breaks.Most people didn’t like it laying flat,so we provide tent poles around. Works great.The barrel stands up even when empty.

Best rain barrels to buy specification

Capacity     (L/US Gal.)Size                   (cm)Rod       (pcs)inner box       (cm)Carton size     (cm)Q'ty/ctn.     (pcs)N.W./ctn.     (kgs)G.W./ctn.    (kgs)
50L/13 Gal.Ø40 x H50550x12x1263x26x52101112
100L/26 Gal.Ø40 x H78578x12x1280x26x3861213
160L/42 GalØ50 x H88588x12x1290x26x3861516
200L/53 Gal.Ø60 x H70670x14x1470x30x4461314
225L/60 Gal.Ø60 x H80679x14x1480x30x4461415
250L/66 Gal.Ø60 x H88688x14x1490x30x4461718
380L/100 Gal.Ø70 x H98798x14x14100x30x4462122
500L/132 Gal.Ø80 x H98898x16x16100x34x3441920
750L/198 Gal.Ø100 x H981098x18x18100x38x3842325
1000L/264 Gal.Ø120 x H881288x18x1890x38x20213.414.2
1250L/330 Gal.Ø120 x H11012110x18x18112x38x20214.416.2
1350L/356 Gal.Ø120 x H12012120x18x18122x38x20217.318.2

Best rain barrels for gardening

1.Rain harvesting part Ø80mm  

2.There is notch inside of rain harvesting part to collect rain water.

3.By adjusting the arrow knob,we can close,reduce or completely open the inflow of a rainwater from a gutter to the tank.

Best rainwater barrel feature

1.Quick, no-hassle assembly

2.have a removable,zippered lid to dip buckets.

3.Collapses easily and flat for seasonal or winter storage

4.Self-supporting—locate any palce.Stable on slopes up to 10 degrees.

5.Not crack when frozen—flexible to -40F.

6.Nylon mesh screen keeps leaves and debris from getting into rain barrel



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