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Flexible PVC Fabric Made Water Soaking Seeds Barrel For Planting Manufacturer In China

RAINBOW made flexible PVC water barrel can soak seeds before planting,Soaking can accelerate germination and increase the proportion of seeds that successfully germinate.The PVC barrel is flexible and stackable when it’s empty.The range of capacities is from 100 liter to 3000 liter.The barrel folds flat for easy storage when you finish soak seeds,then reuse on next sowing season.
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Soaking barrel description

Soaking seeds before planting is an old-time gardener’s trick that many new gardeners are not aware of.The large farm still soak seeds before planting.Soaking needs to be done at least a few hours before planting, and preferably overnight.Farmers often put rise or other seeds into flexible PVC barrels and fill some water in it,barrels as one container which can be used to soaking seeds before planting.You can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes for a seed to germinate.Then sow into trays or into the soil,water, and wait for the first growth to emerge.

Soaking seeds in water barrel sizes and capacities

CapacitySizeSupporting rods
100 LiterØ0.4X H0.78m3
160 LiterØ0.5X H 0.88m3
250 LiterØ0.6X H 0.88m3
380 LiterØ0.75X H 0.88m4
800 LiterØ1.0x H 1.0m4
1000 LiterØ1.1x H 1.0m6
1200 LiterØ1.2x H 1.1m6
1500 LiterØ1.3x H 1.1m6
1600 LiterØ1.5x H 0.9m8
2000 LiterØ1.5x H 1.1m8
2500 LiterØ1.7x H 1.1m8
2500 LiterØ1.6x H 1.2m8
3000 LiterØ1.85x H 1.1m10

Soaking of seeds barrel standard features

1.Portable barrel can be placed on any level surface

2.Attach to garden hose or to flex-pipe.

3.Self-supporting—locate any palce.Stable on slopes up to 10 degrees.

4.Will not crack or break due to cold or freezing temperatures

5.Complete assembly and installation instructions included

Have interesting in collapsible rain barrel for soaking seeds?Or you are agricultural company,call our team at +86-29-8551-8382 or send inquiry sheet to us.



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