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Flexible portable oil bladder

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Now, with the rapid development of technology, all walks of life have realized products that people can carry and use, such as portable laptops, ipad minis, etc., to make people's lives more convenient. In the oil transportation industry, portable oil bladder have been developed to bring a lot of convenience to the storage of oil.

The portable hand-held oil bladder adopts the development method of new materials and new technology. The product has a barrier function and is a new type of soft oil carrying container. Its advantages are its strong oil resistance, sealing performance and UV anti-static properties. Conveniently, it is also foldable, and has good wear resistance, impact resistance, environmental adaptability and ease of use. It can replace the traditional iron refueling barrels, and is very suitable for refueling and refueling of vehicles such as automobiles, trucks and engineering vehicles. The advantages of this product make it a new way of emergency oil storage and temporary oil replenishment, playing an important role in people's lives.

Flexible portable oil bladder

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