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Flexible Plastic Barrel For Water Storage Best Rated Rain Barrels For Soaking Seeds Supplier

Welcome farmers look here!
Flexible water container can store water for soaking seeds
You can soak rice seeds,garden seeds,vegetable and flower seeds in agriculture planting
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Collapsible rain water barrel description

Farmers will start to cultivate when spring is coming, but there are some regions where has very low temperature,how to soak seeds and let seeds sprout as soon as possibly? Now we can introduce one new way of soaking seeds,we make a new kind of container,connect flexible water container with rice germinating machine,fill cold water into it,and make water hot firstly,then put seeds into flexible water container,55 to 60 degrees hot and cold water for 10 to 15 minutes, then reduce the water temperature to 30 degrees, and continue to soak seeds for 2 to 6 hours,then seeds will sprouting,so farmer can cultivate quickly. 

Plastic barrel for water storage specification

CapacityDiameter x HeightSupporting rods
100 LitreØ40X H78cm3
160 LitreØ50X H 88cm3
250 LitreØ60X H 88cm3
380 LitreØ75X H 88cm4
800 LitreØ100x H 100cm4
1000 LitreØ110 x H 100cm6
1200 LitreØ120 x H 110cm6
1500 LitreØ130 x H 110cm6
1600 LitreØ150 x H 90cm8
2000 LitreØ150x H 110cm8
2500 LitreØ170 x H 110cm8
2500 LitreØ160x H 120cm8
3000 LitreØ185 x H 110cm10

Best rated rain barrels advantages 

*Barrel can foldable 

*Assemble handily 

*Save pace and transport easily here and there 

*Operate easily 

*Keeping it up after finishing cultivation

Collapsible rainwater tank packing & delivery

Packing:export carton.

Delivery:witin 10 days after ewe get your payment.



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